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Masilo The Healer


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South African by birth and heritage, Masilo The Healer embodies global citizenship, drawing not only from his roots but the various cultures he has been in close contact with. Son of a true jazzman, the 21-year-old rapper, poet, and songwriter shows off his versatility throughout 2020 releases from a rhythmic funk-inspired collaboration “What it do” with London based DJ Dezray to contrast with the EP “Spirituality” which captures his Hip-Hop/Rap influences married together with jazz accents.

From the avant-garde sounds of Thelonious Monk to the revolutionary marches of Fela Kuti. From the heart and Neo-Soul of Ms. Jill Scott to the classics of Bill Withers, Masilo is at home under the expansive tarp that is Jazz inspired music.  The name Masilo the Healer encompasses, in a unique way, all that this artist seeks to be; tethered to his roots and focused on providing honesty, positivity, and growth. The name serves as a blatant reminder of what he feels the purpose of his gifts is.

“…there’s something about their effortless nonchalance and melodic swag that I really, really like.”

Texx and the City

“I believe art has the ability to give others a glimpse into your soul. I believe art has the capacity to heal; by sharing the truth of one’s experience we artists are able to free ourselves from all sorts of shackles” Masilo explains. “Honesty allows the audience to connect to their own lives, opening even more possibilities for healing and growth.”

This belief is what drives Masilo’s work and embodies the passion he has for music and people. To him, each song, verse, or lyric has its own essence and spirit with the potential to change someone’s perspective on self and the environment. “The most impactful art to me inspires not only emotion but introspection and reflection. It inspires a change in thinking not by force, but with subtle and comfortable elegance. The largest problems in life can be reduced to a rhyme, a stanza. Is that not powerful?”  Masilo probed.

The rhetorical question brought a smile to his face, as the words seemed to fill the room. “My favorite artists, my legends hold their position because their music either continues to change me or reminds me of significant changes that they inspired. That connection with an audience is truly humbling. If one person comes back to me and quotes half a line saying this changed my perspective, then I have truly been successful”

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