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Masilo The Healer



1. Intro (Book Of The Guided) 0:30
2. Roots 0:30
3. The Board Meeting 0:30
4. Silver Spoon 0:30
5. VICKI 0:30
6. Free My Mind 0:30

About Album

Masilo The Healer is a poet, rapper, singer and songwriter who still believes music to be food for the soul and a space to share one’s truth. He expresses that the upcoming Spiriduality is a concept that has shifted his perspective of self in recent years, and has come to be the foundation for many values he holds dear. The 6-track rap project consists of a range of subject matters that highlight important realities of being a young black child engaging with social pressures and spiritual turbulence. While he draws the bulk of his inspiration from an upbringing filled with jazz, his is not tied by genre but rather aims to use give each story “its own essence and spirit” throughout the EP.

The project is produced by Redacted Music’s very own IORDN, with assistance from US producer and artist Johnathan Hullett on the track VICKI.

From the artist: “The notion of Spiriduality came from the realisation that regardless of the perceptions of others, I am neither inherently good nor bad. Accepting that I am just as capable of creation as I am destruction. Capable of love just as I am capable of hate. As such my demons, my flaws and mistakes should not be my shame but rather tools of reconstruction and growth. This tape is about looking for the spiritual lessons in all my actions. I wanted to share a small piece of what life has taught me in the hope that it aids others who are discovering the world as I am. May this work encourage you to be patient with yourself and the process” – Masilo The Healer

Artist: Masilo The Healer
Label: Redacted Music Group (RMG)
Release Date: 6-11-2020
Genres: Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul
People: Rorisang Lengoasa, Tumi Lengoasa, Johnathan Hullett