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Redacted Nation Releases ‘Egyptian Silk’ Music Video

Imbued in the spirit of Afro-Luxury, Redacted Music Group presents the music video for Egyptian Silk off the critically acclaimed album Security Clearance. IORDN, Monelle and Masilo The Healer grace the screens again, calling on Dale Fortune of Paper Digital for his third video in collaboration with the group, with themes of travel, opulence, love and escapism. The lyrics are brought to life with vivid colour, bold fashion statements and effortless elegance from the pioneering trio.

Produced in-house by IORDN, Egyptian Silk in its cadence and feel is reminiscent of early 2000s R&B, revamped for the modern African audience. Featuring layered orchestral string instruments, graceful keys and an infectious underlying drumbeat this song is meant for the lovers. From references to escapes to Lake Tanganyika in Masilo’s verse, to the titular reference in Monelle’s Verse “There’s nothing between us, but Egyptian Silk”; these three artists ground the luxurious visions in African landscapes, highlighting the beauty of our continent and the joy of sharing life with someone you love.

This is a complete record. Pharell, Mac Miller, Rick Ross all came to miidn when i was producing this song, along with the album. It feels like afro-luxury done properly.


Shot in Cape Town, the team at Paper Digital took full advantage of setting in translating this vision of luxury into film. With Luscious green hues and shimmering water throughout, the audience is drawn into the charisma of each artist’s delivery. Transporting the listener into a vision of love and abundance, as you travel the world with your partner. Redacted Music continues to push the envelope of South African music, with the collaborative album “Security Clearance” serving as a first warning. Serving as a visual marquee release, it seems the sky is no longer the limit for this team, but rather a starting point.

“We’re just getting started.” concludes IORDN. “We can’t wait to share this and all the other exciting projects we have in the works with our fans.”

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